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Default 06-04-2009, 12:07 PM

I agree Dr. Jim that the Beta release is different. I downloaded the two Alice ScreenCasts thinking they might act as tutorials, but the released software is nothing similar to what is described in the screencasts.

Like you, it took me a while to do something as simple as create a new method (methods are now called procedures). I also stumbled across how to remove the this java keyword.

If I have to hunt & peck my way through learning 3.0 (beta) without documentation this summer this is no way I can introduce it in September.

Where is Dick Baldwin when we need him most!!

Keep posting any new revelations you stumble across as we all begin the learning process and I will do likewise. Currently I'm off to play with opening/modifying Alice worlds in NetBeans.

(It's sad that most school systems don't have the budget to pay for attending workshops this summer - but we are in an economic crisis.)
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