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Yes let me find the link I know I have it.

Edit: I found the link, the I/O tool is right here:

Follow this link, download the object (keep the .a2c extension!) and put it in your Alice\required\gallery\ folder.

now you can use it to save data to .txt files in your game. How can this be used to save game progress? Well say you have 10 levels in your game, when the player gets to level 2, a variable called 'CurrentLevel' is set to 'Level 2', than when they save their game the data will be stored inside the .txt file. (you have to program this) Than you need a load game option, when players chose this option it gets data from the .txt file and find what level they're at, then it starts that level. You can also use this for usernames, passwords, stats, levels, HP, exp, and so on and so forth. You can do a lot more than people might think, as long as you think (hi-scores...)

Edit2: You have to place the object in the world, and arty-fishL has method instructions in the post.

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