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final is 2 days!, factorial stuff
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Default final is 2 days!, factorial stuff - 12-10-2006, 02:19 PM

I have my final test on Tuesday and there will be an asignment todo at the end of the test regarding factorial like f(n>1) stuff and I dont understand it at all!, could you please if you have time explain to me in words that I can understand? My teacher goes over like 99% of our classes heads with this stuff and I want to do good with this last test to bring up my average if I can. the kind of question he is going to ask is solve the following problem using factorial with a while loop. and another is define the factorial problem using recursion. Now I have tried to google this and read my notes, I just frankly dont understand it. I am hoping that you can help me.. Thanks in advance..

anyhelp in , or to put me in the right direction would be great!!

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