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Originally Posted by Mr Kidnapper View Post
PC refers to any small (not server) non-Macintosh (They like to distinguish themselves) Unix-based OS such as Windows or Linux. Before Macintosh it referred to any small-sized computer intended for home-use without exception. Your definition is incorrect in that a user can install a "Hackintosh" on a PC if they so wished, which no longer makes it a PC.
A 500GB costs around $90 and a 1TB costs around $120.
There are 500GBs that cost $80 and terabytes that cost $100 but again, extra dollars for that better quality. You also may or may not have a hard time finding the correct model of hard drive for your computer. Just make sure you have an appropriate number of 6-pin power cables on your computer and a SATA motherboard.
Is western digital scorpio a good hard drive brand?

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