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My First Game (work in progress)
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Default My First Game (work in progress) - 11-18-2010, 09:51 PM

So this is it, in all it's rookie glory. My first game, not AT ALL finished, but I spent all of today making it, so nothing much in it. Idea is your a human fighting 2 zombies in a misty world. Not much after that. Have a pistol (with failure flashlight) and an AK47 as weapons. Controls are WASD, c is crouch, f is flashlight, 1 is pistol, 2 is AK, space is jump (not at all useful for anything) and r is reload. Zombies should take 3 hits to kill, but my bullet moves odd so sometimes its one. Mod it as you wish, or just play around with it. I don't really cafe. Have fun!
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