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Then came the Nuke...
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Exclamation Then came the Nuke... - 01-03-2008, 12:20 AM

Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
A general observation on software releases - by anybody (including Adobe, Apple and Microsoft). Beta testing generally actually starts about six months later than the time estimate at the start of alpha - and uncovers enough problems that the final release is delayed even further.

If the Alice team can somehow break that "tradition" I hope they share their approach - it would be an even greater contribution than Alice itself.
Well beta testing should happen (nobody want's a buggy alice) but i'm concerned about a 2009, 2010 release date... why, well ancient myan calandars, nostridamus, and all those other things i cant spell predict a terrible,
terrible, planet wide event centered on the year 2012
that means only 2 to 3 years to enjoy alice 3.0 . if the so called 'polar shift' doesn't occor than be happy... untill global warming in 2050.

It might seem weird,
it might offend...
but we fight with our honor,
we'll fight to the End!!
*Plays the worms song*

~if we survive~
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