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Default 12-21-2008, 04:14 PM

I know, I stopped doing that. I believe I only used it in 3 variables. I will probably go back and fix it soon. I did that when I was first learning how to use variables and using objects was the only thing that I knew how to do. I now know how to use numerical variables, so I will most likely go back and replace that in the next version. As for the complexity of the code, I probably wont be able to change that because I am still not amazing at making games. I am programing the movements and stuff to the best of my ability right now, so at this point in time, the code is about as complex as it will be in the end. Right now, all I'm worried about is if it works or not, and it does. If I get better, I might go back and make it a little less complicated. What do you even mean by that? Can you give me an example?

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