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Alright, I want there to be collision detection in the game, so I have to use the "Arrow Keys Control Camera" thing. The only question is how can I make it so that people can decrease the speed in which the camera turns. I tried making it so that when left was held, the camera turned left -5 every 5 seconds but when I held the left arrow key, it would move to the right first and then start moving to the left (due to fact that it was a negative rotation). It slowed the camera down, but had an unnecessary right turn in the beginning. Also, if I made everything 0 so that there was no increase or decrease in turning speed, it was like the camera was lagging slightly. Is there something in the settings that let you control the camera turning speed? Unless all you want the camera to do is increase the turning speed. But if I do that, then when there is no alteration in turning speed, the camera will lag.

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