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Sky Warrior Multiplayer
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Default Sky Warrior Multiplayer - 08-16-2011, 09:30 AM

Originally Posted by ElectricKirby View Post
[Co-op is] really the only option in a side-scrolling space shmup.
I agree! So I did just that!
I pulled up and old keyboard I had lying around, plugged it into my laptop, programmed in another player (using WSAD), and hoped for the best

Amazingly, it worked!
(Not used to things going that smoothly )

To play this, plug another keyboard in the computer!
Player 2 can't flip or shoot yet (I just wanted Co-op to work )

Tell me if it works for you or not! If it does, we may see Sky Warrior with a co-op mode
(I wonder how many smilies I've put in my posts... :0)
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