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Squarescape: from the creator of 3D pong!
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Post Squarescape: from the creator of 3D pong! - 07-07-2012, 11:56 PM

I'm the creator of 3D pong (, a project I worked on as a sophomore in highschool, but now, as a senior, I have taken my game creating a step further.
I made an iPhone puzzle game, called Squarescape, where you navigate the grid based levels to find the exit.
I just wanted to post to let those, who were fans of my previous game, know that I have created another one.
The iTunes link is:
My website link is:

I'd have to say that without Alice, I wouldn't be interested in game development. So thank you to those involved in creating Alice and those who made my experiences on this forum board worthwhile.

-Jacob Koch

**NEW** Squarescape v1.0 for iPhone is now out for download!
Check out Version 1.1 of my 3D PONG game -
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