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Default 11-11-2006, 11:17 AM

My cpt prof. actually is doing the assignments a chapter ahead of us so she really isn't that much help. She choses to do it the simplest way possible while myself and a few other classmates try and "go overboard" with them. Her functions was bascially "If button is showing true" "return true" I created the method to make it look like a real I am thinking about just doing the minimum requirements and getting it finished.

Also Shadow, thanks for anything you can tell me about your friends. I wouldn't ask you to upload his, I have worked far too hard to take that easy road. I can understand that some people may come here looking for an easy A but if I wanted that I would just set the buttons to showing true/false when I wanted to change speeds.

And DrJim my high rotation is set to 4 rps and it actually distorts the blades and makes it look like they are turn backwards as a real fan would. If I ever get it finished and all the bugs worked out I will be sure to upload.

Once again thanks for the help.
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