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Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Yeh, I see where your coming from.

Also, see with the online play, how do we stop some sad person from editing the world to create a 'hacked' version that means they could cheat at the online game, like changing a life number variable (or something like that) up to way over the top, or even if that variable was set in game they could add a method that kept changing that variable back up?
Yes you are absolutely right arty, hacking would be a serious issue, but I guess for now we just have to continue on just assuming that no one is going to change the code that is already there. We have to learn to walk before we can run (actually make multiplayer work before we worry about potential problems).

In reality though, I don't see a way to stop people from doing it. I however see on a screenshot of the mama program some like "create exe". Could this possibly be used to create a .exe from the Alice world we make? If it is (and I know completely nothing about mama), then we might be able to make the game, and then create a .exe from it and just save that through the internet, then we could all play through the .exe (because it would show no code, therefore nothing for us to change before playing).

If the "create exe" is not what I think it is though, then I see no other way of preventing hacking other than to hack Alice itself and change the code so that the code is not showing when you open the world.

Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
We have had a discussion abotu this and we said there will be a detector to say if someone is hacking. Then we will ban there account.
I think that banning their account is a little too harsh, and should only be done if it is absolutely necessary. I think we should try my idea first, but if it doesn't work then I guess we have no choice but to ban.

Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
I was looking at it like a problem.
But it is not a problem because the multiplayer game will only need 1 window.

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