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Lightbulb ... - 06-29-2010, 10:28 AM

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
arty! there's a problem with connections between computers without a server. Two computers that aren't within the same router would have to be in the DMZ to communicate, and we ARE NOT putting Alice users' computers in the DMZ. That's why we need a server.

I'm working into getting a server to host via python on a nonstandard port. This would allow for a GREAT connection, using the same reliable features of standard website hosting. The easiest way to do this would be with a VPS, but those cost money.
I know this, there were all these discussions around this subject when Zenteo released his online thing, that's why I have started work on the insecure network, as I sent to you in a pm, if I can get this to work properly then I can work on a secure network, which I have already partially started. This is to be followed by something related to what you said above.
You cant start at the hardest end, you've got to work your way up.
and as for this:
reliable features of standard website hosting
I disagree, so far I have had three of my accounts suddenly deleted on 3 different hosts, including everything I had stored on them.


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