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H e l p!!!!!!!
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Exclamation H e l p!!!!!!! - 12-20-2010, 03:05 PM

Ok i need some help GUYS!!!!!! I've tried to work and fix my Alice Program just today with no SUCCESS!!!!!
P.S. I use Alice in School so i use it on a usb...

1. Whenever i use it on the school computers (OS 2000 or i think 2003 XD)
2. When i get home to use the program it works fine when i click slow and steady Alice and IfAliceFailsTryThis. UNTIL TODAY!!!!! AGH!!!!!! HELP!!!!!
3. Problem: Whenever i try to open Alice using any of the 3 programs I'm always getting a loading of Alice then POOF! gone! (This just happened to me today and yesterday it was working fine... )

Steps i try to do in order to fix this Alice Program (Btw im using Alice 2.2)
1. I went to this forum and re-did all instructions accordingly towards this.
2. downloaded the new tutorials stated in a thread here. with no success.
3. Download the Alice Program AGAIN! and tried to start-it up with no success either... Q_Q (fyi i download the Alice 2.2 program again XD)
4. Tried the compatibility with every single one INCLUDING WINDOWS XP SP3...
5. I even added the download tutorials into the new Alice 2.2.
6. Restarted my Computer to check both versions on my usb and teh downloaded version 2.2 and 2.2
7. I uninstalled my Java and tried everything again with no success
8. Used my old usb with Alice 2.2 and it nearly worked... but still it goes from loading Alice to NOTHING!!!!
9. Also another problem i encountered which i have already looked through within these forums is the problem when i use "IfAliceFailsTryThis" before it goes "POOF!" theres a program with it saying "registered successfully then right before the program crashes, there is some other words also, but i can't read it fast enough because it crashes before i can read it. The solution i found was screen Print it. (but i'm experiencing the same problem with that guy in some random thread... )

1. Could try to download Alice 2.0 But I'm not sure the project I'm currently working on will work again in Alice 2.0 and vice-versa
2. I could try Alice Beta 3.0 but i prefer 2.2 for my project because everyone else is using 2.2...
3. I'm Getting the same problem with everyone here. Q_Q because I'm using Windows 7 64 Bit...
4. Also when i tried this on my sisters comp(vista) it worked flawlessly... Q_Q

Please if anyone can hear me I NEED HELP!!!!! I need to finish this project using Alice...

P.S. Question I have my project on version 2.2 and if i download 2.0 can i convert it into 2.0? and if i can then can i switch it back to 2.2?
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