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Default 01-21-2013, 05:03 PM

Sorry, but you need to rewrite this I am not sure what you are attempting to do and I can't spend time going through all the methods to figure it out.

Now for the help!

If you right click on the "When the world starts" event you can change it to "while the world is running" which is a BDE (Begin, During, End) event.
Begin: Put a method here to take care of anything you want to do when the movie starts.
During: The method you put here should cause your traffic to move. It will be called over and over again as long as the movie is running, so you don't need a loop.
End: Any "clean-up needed before the movie ends should go here.
Now go back to your code and get rid of all the infinite loops. Using these in a method pretty much stops any other methods (not events) from running.
Put the code into the methods you will use in the BDE event.
Next look for when the scores need to be updated. For instance if the only time the score can change is when the frog moves, write a score method and call it in each of the frog movement methods.

Hope this helps
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