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2 possibilities come to mind..
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Cool 2 possibilities come to mind.. - 05-04-2009, 10:30 PM

The first thing that comes to mind is the If/else, as you said.
You drag the If/else tile (from the bottom) into the method editor. Under the If part is your "when this happens" part, also known as the condition. Think of it as a trigger for something to happen.
The else part can be left blank, if you are only concerned with one thing happening; otherwise, you can put an alternative method--something that happens when your condtion is not met.

As an example, say you want an arrow to explode into confetti if it hits a bullseye. The condition would be, If it hits the bullseye... the instructions for the if would be that it explodes into confetti.
You could leave it at that, leaving the else part blank, or you could add an else statement--such as, if it doesnt hit the bullseye, then the arrow turns gray.
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