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Alice does seem very picky about what it accepts - but I've never gotten even close to 50% except with very simple stuff or Smooth Teddy models. Assuming I can get to the same level of success with Wave3d as you have, maybe I can figure out some of my problems - so far I haven't really been able to separate my goofs on the originals from conversion problems in any useful and systematic manner.

What I know it doesn't like (and I think this is all part of the parsing of the .ase file) includes most (but not all) hooks to animation skeletons and complex background "scenery". It also has a problem figuring out correct surface normals but I think that may be an input problem. The reference the tutorial has gives a link to some "how to fix" stuff on these, but I really haven't gotten far enough along to really see how these apply.

The tube was what I was looking for - thanks. Will play with it tonight a bit.


Note: Got the tube into Alice and at least with two separate textures - still have to figure out how to get rid of the endcaps.

A couple of other things I didn't think to mention until I started playing with the tube. (1) You can ignore many of the Alice error messages - Alice will usually go to a good default option if it can. (2) If the object appears on the object tree and you can see the axis but nothing else, make sure the opacity is at 100% and "is showing" is true - the object doesn't always come in that way (the tube had an opacity of 0%, for example).

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