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Default 12-05-2010, 01:33 AM

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Hhhmmm, lucky I saved them then, just in case they were to "break" .

Looking forward to it though, post it soon before your post count completely dies and I die of anticipation, but not too soon or it wont be as good as I know you can make it.
Thanks for your patience.

Originally Posted by reaper1395 View Post
the only thing that i have found that doesnt work for me is the class'.

and its easy to get really far with just the pistol w/o any upgrades or anything. you just go in and change the time between the shots so its like the mp5...
Yes the class menu isn't complete. Also, I don't think I'll be implementing more than one ability per class for the first build of RP4. There's a possibility of different weapons for each class, though I'm trying to keep this build as compact as possible both to boost speed and to rush development so that you can actually play something sometime soon.

Originally Posted by dubastot View Post
X can be very tricky, it appears he edited your post.
*Ahem* No comment.

Originally Posted by Painkiller View Post
Can I ask you how to write method or function to check the target that you aim? THanks.
Sent in a PM. Enjoy. Also, I;ve been thinking of imporving the targeting system to possibly streamline the code even further (a lot of my effort has been devoted to streamlining thus far).

As for development, classes are over soon, which mean precious, precious free time! Yay!

Also, question to everyone who isn't jediaction: do you want developer's notes and updates and such as the game progresses? I personally enjoy making note of progress as I go along, as it kind of validates my effor,. but if it bores you to tears to read about such things, or if you prefer to be suprised entirely, I can always keep it quiet until its finished.

For the moment here's the game plan:

+New pause menu features
-All billboards (saves polygons)
-Interchangeable theme support (textures are super easy to swap, as opposed to physical models)
-Modulus based number counter for points, kos, and accuracy (it's slow, however, so it doesn't lend itself to mid-gameplay changes, still working on that)
-Preview-based purchase menu with controls and descriptions

+Entirely new zombie death method streamlined to a single method instead of one per zombie
+All mouse-click based events condensed into one single click check event

In Progress:
+New ability (either gunner or marksman, haven't decided). Allows point and click shooting and accuracy based damage (headshots, people).

To do:
+Everything else
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