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Noob question:problems changing vehicle setting to detach object
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Default Noob question:problems changing vehicle setting to detach object - 09-24-2011, 10:52 AM

Hello helpful, wise friends:

I'm having a problem with an assignment in a Programming and Logic class. A few weeks ago, I had no experience with Alice, so yes.. this is a noob question.

In my animation, I have a rabbit attached to a locust, which flies up to Alice Liddel, lands, then "is supposed to" get off of the locust, then tip his magician's hat (attached by having the rabbit set as its vehicle).

The problem I am having is getting the rabbit to detach from the locust. I changed the vehicle setting for the rabbit to world; however, I am still unable to get the rabbit to move independently of it. Somehow it has stayed attached.

After resetting the rabbit's vehicle from the locust to "world" within the fly loop, I was able to get the rabbit to turn to the left, which I was not able to do, for some reason, when I tried to do this outside of the loop. Still, I cannot get the rabbit to move forward and actually detach from the locust.

The only way I could get this part of the animation to look half-way normal was to change the opacity of the locust so it seems to disappear. However, there is still the issue of detaching the hat from the rabbit's head.

So... I hope this made sense. The assignment is due tomorrow, so... any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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