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Well, I did fix that problem, but I have added more. Care to look at?
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Default Well, I did fix that problem, but I have added more. Care to look at? - 10-01-2011, 09:13 AM


Rude of me not to thank you for responding to my post.

I had a problem with an infinite loop on the tail. It forced me to attach and detach within that particular method. Still haven't fixed that part, but...

I have a part in this animation where a weird Egg shaped dough boy pops out of the hat, but I can't get him to walk in the right direction. Also, his "walk" poses do not work correctly. Is it the walk methods attached, or is it the way I inserted them into the code? I was thinking maybe I was needing to modify the pre-set walk methods, but I am guessing it's some dummy move I made.

I must sound really lazy to not just figure it out on my own. I have all this other similar study stuff - and full-time work. Too much code analysis, and the small slot allotted to current programming knowledge may cause: (insert future emoticon for exploding brain here).

Also, the last part of the song that is supposed to be displayed is not showing. Hey... I'm American - brain riddled by television and cheetos.

Anyway, may be FUN to analyze all the messed up (and really clunky) coding, if that's the kind of thing you are into. And really... who isn't?

Thanks in advance - I hope.

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