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Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
I was asked for help by a student a few days ago to help them with their maze, and because I have always wanted to implement my method of collision detection into one of my worlds, I decided this would be the first real game for me to test it. This is the same game that is on the other thread, except with one exception. I did fix the clicking problem that most of you wanted me to. I made it so that the lollipops can be picked up as soon as you go over them, so there is no need to click them now. As I fixed this problem, it also fixed the bug to give you 15 points for every lollipop collected, so to make it even I made the time bonus set at 50 and count down by 1 every 3 seconds. Now you will not get the most points simply by going straight to the end of the maze, and you will actually have to get all the lollipops for the highest possible score.

So download it if you would like, the only reason I am making another post is because it will not become very popular unless it is on the Share Worlds section. Even though the maze was originally made by Cindy, before the changes that I made, it was just the maze, rockette, and a simple method to click lollipops. I believe that I have made enough changes in it to call it my own.

So, how do you like the collision detection? I know it is a little laggy, but that is only because there are more than 50 objects that rockette has to collide with. Also, if it is too laggy on Alice 2.2 for you, try running it on Alice 2.0 and it should run a little easier.

EDIT: Over 1000 downloads! Nice! For a more advanced collision detection to use for larger programs where more walls are needed with less lag, click HERE!
Hye, when I press play. The rockette just move forward very qucikly and then disappears. Please help
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