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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
Very dissapointing review. You have to realize that this is an alice game. Why is everyone saying it's a bad frame rate, bad story game. IT'S AN ALICE GAME! It is impossible. You gotta review realistically. I know about the texts, I dind't think anyone would actually care . You gotta know how to use a mouse to play this game. The game is overloading, it might crash soon. Are you serious about the sword sound? Do you even play halo? That is the exact sound. I actually got it from a HALO REACH youtube video with a sword in gotta work on your facts. Everyone has to stop complaining about the frame rate. There is no way it's gonna run good on a bad computer. This is an unjust review, and some points you made are very silly. Once agian, it's not supposed to be replayable, it's an FPS that can barely run in Alice. I don't like your reviews because you review unjustly and you forget that this is Alice.
I don't review 'unjustly'. First of all, part of games in replayablility. Second of all, you say I have to know how to use the mouse. I can play first person games on Alice. But currently Alice doesn't support a FPS camera. You say it's impossible, and heck, maybe it is. But if I can't even play it, it's not a fun game. You need to try and find a way to create alice games that are possible withthin the alice system, if you push the engine so that it doesn't work well, then there isn't going to be a good product for the result.

You act like the review was harsh, but I am saying this again: I literally could not get this game to run smoothly enough to make any progression, the enemies were not getting hurt because the framerate was horrible and I couldn't get clear sights on the enemies, which, for the record, their AI hasn't really improved all that much. They just dance left and right. You want an example of a good game? Well then check out Sky Warrior. That game was good, it didn't push Alice.

The only way I would actually rewrite this entire review, is if I played a version of the game, and a majority of the problems we're actually fixed, and the game was actually playable, even if I had to go load an entirely new world for part two of the game. That would go against the review a little, but it would definitely bump up the score more if the game was smoother. (plus two world files would make load speeds faster...)
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