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Originally Posted by Nighthawk0973 View Post
I don't review 'unjustly'. First of all, part of games in replayablility. Second of all, you say I have to know how to use the mouse. I can play first person games on Alice. But currently Alice doesn't


ntirely new world for part two of the game. That would go against the review a little, but it would definitely bump up the score more if the game was smoother. (plus two world files would make load speeds faster...)
Would your review improve if I bumped down the quality of most of the textures, which is what I'm doing. This should decrease strain on the renderer, decrease overall lag and improve playability - but it will make everything look lower res. I've also fixed the menu and I plan on fixing the sounds and mouse aiming. I also plan on somehow fixing the flawed save system that it has.


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [-]
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