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Default 11-10-2011, 03:59 PM

Lowering the resolution of textures will decrease the score. But all the other stuff you're talking about makes a better score.

So... if the game is better, I will re-review the game. I am actually anticipating the games patch. You know, if the game fixes everything that was making it unplayable and resulting in a playable FPS experience on Alice, it would create a path for other, and probably better (not saying it's because the game would suck, but because the other games would improve on the concept) Alice FPS games. Doing this would definitely increase the score. (since I would love to use that engine!)

Again, I review considering the fact that it's a game for Alice. But also considering that a game is a game. So basically, if it pushes the Alice software, or has graphics that are really good for the Alice program, than it gets a high score.
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