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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
Sky warrior was not an FPS. I'm working on other games, and you can review those when I'm done. This is an FPS and is very hard, so you did review unjustly. I will just wait for the patch, plus..I'm using alice a lot less and am already doing other more complicated programs. I'm mainly doing Unity 3d and on my website, you get updates of my games. My newest will be revealed and it will be avaible for everyone. I will make a few more games probably, but I'm gonna work on one good one that will not be an FPS because of all the pickiness in the reviews and comments every since Halo - The Generator. And really.....Lower textuers would decrease the's an ALICE GAME. The textures stink anyway.
The textures stink? orly?

I'd say you can get some pretty impressive results with textures in Alice if you get them right.

That aside, Alice is limited in capabilities but Nighthawk is entitled to his criticisms.
A programmer should not blame the shortcomings of his game on the program, but rather adapt to the program and find ways to use it effectively.

Coming back to one of the more popular examples, look at what x2495iiii did with Resident Penguin. Simple, addicting, and it has replay value.

Originally Posted by Nighthawk0973 View Post
Again, I review considering the fact that it's a game for Alice. But also considering that a game is a game. So basically, if it pushes the Alice software, or has graphics that are really good for the Alice program, than it gets a high score.
Nighthawk was right in that "a game is a game," regardless of the program used to create it. When Infinity Ward or EA releases a game, they make sure it can run on decent computers. If their customers aren't able to run their games, then they wouldn't be making as much money.

If nobody can play your game without lagging badly, how can anyone give it a positive review? They can only see as far as they are shown; if they aren't shown anything then how can they see?

Just something to consider. (<-- sentence fragment )

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