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I think I want to get back to the topic of Alice since now we are starting to confuse terms and ideas (for instance, makes no sense to talk about *reliability* regarding, on the other hand, can be measured for reliability... reliability is a property of software built with *implementations* of a is not even provable --remember 'partial-correctness'...This is a well-known issue in CS)

The point is that Alice 3.0 will be a tool useful for migrating (from, hopefully, nothing) to Java and no other language (modulo 'porting' --in which case it cannot be called Alice, I believe ...licensing issues). That is fine.

From the engineering point of view, your point is well-taken:
if you want reliability, execution efficiency, a large experienced programmer base and a wide range of application packages to work with - it is really the only choice.
By the way, I think there was a misunderstanding about my point on the popularity of C/ is definitely not because of the syntax...
It is fair to point out that there are languages syntactically worse than any in the C-family tree (although most of them are not as general-purpose)

Going back to the point of Alice and teaching, I am still concerned about the complexity of 3.0. By the way, I will not be using 3.0 for the Fall. I will, however, be working on my own with 3.0.

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