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Default Minecraft - 04-19-2012, 06:29 PM

After a little bit of confusion, explosions, and a little bit of the other daily natures of Alice. I have made the Pre-Alpha-Beta-Version-eV0.01 of Minecraft in Alice. I do not own Minecraft (game, textures, website). This was just a little bit of an attempt to see how similar I could make Minecraft in Alice via the Alice program. So here it is. Whatever.

It may not feel like the right controls in any sense to people that actually own this game. (Which I don't) But teh controls are as follows.

Arrow Keys to Move (It's the one given with Alice, so don't expect much)
WASD to Orient camera/Move head around (Head is not on joint, it rotates by its own point, so it may look weird)
Q to attack/destroy (Only weapon for right now is your fist)
Space to Jump (Woohoo)
1 and 2 to switch character texture.
P to switch between 1st and 3rd person view

Oh yeah the block gets destroyed in one hit.

Version 0.02: a few things added: WASD movement and mouse camera. (CLICK SMALL TRANSPARENT BOX TO BEGIN MOUSE CAMERA)

Oh and P.s. Don't touch anything for a little bit after you press play. It gets messed up if you do. So give it 2 seconds to configure everything.
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