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Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
It seems (per the web page) to handle alpha level transparency quite well - that’s usually a weakness of “free” programs of that type. Does it support “Flash” animation?

I'm not sure what you mean about Flash animations...

It does indeed handle alpha level transparencies good, and the animations usually take time. If oyu have GIMP you can also download the GIMP Animation Package (GAP), which allows better animations, and yes it is free too. PLus, with GAP you can incorporate short videos into you main pictures, and you can in a way edit the videos. If so, expect to spend a lot of time on it.

The way for animation that is not from GAP would mostly be the manipulation of layers, and how you save it. Say you have a sprite for Mario, and you want him to loop jumping as your avatar. You put him on an alpha transparent layer, and then on new layers paste the mario's movements in order. YOu save as a .gif, as this is the only image file type that handles animation. (or on gif's standards, a loop of each layer in order.) You also must then select animation.

Hopefully that helps...
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