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Originally Posted by Ylu View Post
Do you know the section that is causing the crash ?
I was so losing it and thought initially it was my events crashing it. I had tried to use a while the world is running for the falling rings.

I finally emailed our teacher, and he gave me some advice which really helped. He said to make a version for each part I implement, so make rings move, save that as a version, add counter, save that version, etc etc From that I realised that the trick I was using to reset the ring, the property pointofview=position, was causing a runtime error.

I felt so relieved when I found it.

What did you use to keep the ring from leaving the screen? I ended up setting a dummy and doing a if distance from dummy exceeds, the move ring towards dummy...but I couldn't really test it properly cause I didn't want to watch it too much more often. I'm quite sick of the rings, although I still have lab 4 ahead of me.
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