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Originally Posted by kelbstar123 View Post
Well I may not have the expertise as you guys but I would like to see some of the things you've made for inspiration in alice 3.2 hope you have something to share
Honestly, this is not very good but I don't really know how to do click listeners(if even possible) but best shooter I could do with this program
make sure to open with alice 3
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Um... I tried downloading it twice and it doesn't work...but it's a small enough file that it could simply be uploaded as an attachment without Google Drive. (Attachments are in Additional Options.) (EDIT: Ohhh, maybe it just doesn't work with Alice 3.3.) (EDIT 2: Never mind, I tried it with Alice 3.2 and it doesn't work.)

Also, I think maybe the reason we're not uploading our creations is that we don't have any creations to upload, but I can't speak for everybody, so...

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