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Doomed Fish Family
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Unhappy Doomed Fish Family - 09-14-2011, 02:41 PM

Hi -

I was wondering - how big was your fish family, and was it difficult to have them moving around at the same time without ramming through each other? Sounds complicated with so many objects moving at one time. I'd like to hear more about it.

I did the penguin one also, and I added one fish. It swam around and did flips in the air while the penguin watched. Then I had the fish dive through the air and stab the penguin in the chest like a dagger.

Didn't look too cool after that point, though. The penguin was supposed to pull the fish out of his chest and toss it in the water - instead, it looks like the fish floats out of his chest, levitates a moment (why not?), then dives back in. Anyway, it got too complicated at that point, so the end is - sort of messed up. Oh well. We were supposed to experiment.

Want to know how you organized your program: not the exact code, but - the hard parts - or the interesting ones.



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