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Am I missing something here?
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Default Am I missing something here? - 10-29-2014, 10:12 AM

I have to say that I am really disappointed with Alice 3, compared to Alice 2.2. I would think when a new version of an application would be released, it would be for adding additional features and not the other way around. Sure, the developers of Alice has now added Sims 3 characters, which supports bones, but it seems to me that all of the other essential features have been removed. This includes, but not limited to, unable to import your own 3d objects, creating poses, and now you have to switch to scene mode if you want to build new methods for a different object.
In addition, sometimes I have a really hard time knowing if I should be using roll or should be turning either left, right, forward, or backwards etc. To fix this problem, I would think it would be better if there was a biped editor, which has a visual aid in the left corner and the code editor on the right. This will give full control for the user, by seeing what happens after each method is dropped in the the code editor and still give the user a learning aid tool for programming, which I thought Alice was all about when I first started using Alice. Furthermore, Alice would be a really impressive learning tool, if the biped editor could also play the code, without having to run the entire program. It would be just enough to give a preview of seeing how the animation would play. This would be good for creating walking methods.
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