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Transfer Poses to other models
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Default Transfer Poses to other models - 11-12-2006, 07:07 AM

Hi, I am new to Alice but a fairly expierienced Programmer.
My question is a very simple one: Is there any possibility to speed up the process of building poses by transfering the pose information to other modells of a structurally identical type (from one He-Builder based model to another etc.)?
The workaround can be based on internal or external tools anyhow.
I found out, that the exported objects are saved as a zipped struture of xmls, so maybe there is a way by unzipping the models info, copying the desired poses and rezipping the model into a new one. But as I don't have time to analyse the structure in detail, maybe the programmers can help with a clue?
Has anyone tried such an approach?
The background for this is, that I am trying to do some movie work (thinking of machinima or so) with Alice and this limitation produces work where no work should be needed.
As far as I understand, this feature remains unimplemented due to the educational approach Alice is dedicated to. But maybe there is an external tool anywhere around for cases like this?

Thx for help
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