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Weird chicken and Saving glitch
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Question Weird chicken and Saving glitch - 07-31-2008, 07:08 PM

OK, i hope these are both bugs, but you never know.

Weird Chicken
I Had just a chicken, the kind you can get from the web gallery that can flap it's wings. It has 3 custom methods: Flap, peck, and walk. I called flap and set it to flap ten times, I set the speed to 2. I did the same for peck. It flapped fine, however, when it got to the peck method, the chicken seemed to collapse into pieces in front of me. An Alice error message popped up and said that there was an unknown error. I was thinking "well duh," but you know. Every time I tried to call the peck method, it would do the same thing, no matter what the settings were. This is a bug, right?

Saving Glitch
I saved a world that I was working on, and then forgot that there was something I wanted to do real quick. I made one of the characters in the movie move a little to the left, and then went back and tried to save it again.
It said that it couldn't be saved, which was odd, since I had just saved it 30 seconds ago. Maybe it was still saving? Or is that something it usually does?
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Default 07-31-2008, 10:57 PM

Try checking your Pecking method for errors, it sounds like there was a task that was impossible. As for the saving error, i have no clue
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