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HELP with assignment-- Practice Turns
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Default HELP with assignment-- Practice Turns - 10-24-2012, 07:17 PM

Hi all-

I have what I'm sure is a very basic question. I was assigned this task from the Progamming with Alice textbook, Exercise 7 from Chapter 6, Section 2:

"For this world, write a program to make the skater practice her turns on the ice. First, place the skater 1 meter from the second cone, facing forward. She then skates forward toward the first cone (a sliding step). When she gets close, she should skate halfway around the cone and end up facing he other way to skate back toward the other cone. Next, have the skater skate toward the other cone and when close enough make a turn around it. In this way, the skater should complete a path around the two cones."

I'm not sure if I should create a "When something is true" Event or a world-level If/Then statement checking this condition, or if it matters. I'm getting hung up on the skater making a neat turn around this object. Furthermore, if the skater performs the turn when she is within a certain distance of an object, wouldn't she still be within that distance after performing half a turn?

I've included my work in progress. Thanks!
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