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New Beginnings.
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Default New Beginnings. - 01-21-2009, 08:20 AM

I am a member of the IT community - but my 3d programming skills are sparse at best.

My son - who is in the 8th grade - is adept at math and science and has show interest in Alice and/or Storyboarding Alice.

This is not part of any structured learning program at school. He has walked through the tutorials for Alice and found it all nice / easy / interesting. However, he's at the point he wants to start adding methods to some of the objects and he's struggling.

It appears - at first look - that the fairies are fairly high-function while most of the objects he is interested in - Troll / Wizard / etc. seem low-function or non-function.

I have lots of questions, but generally I'm just trying to keep his interest engaged. I know this is a small brick wall for him to work through, but I want to give him the tools so that he can manage.

Are there any suggestions, as to the 'next step' in the process - after the tutorials ? At this point he just wants to make lots of methods for the more 'male-oriented' objects.

Thanks so much for any insight or help in this area.

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