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Assignment 3-Mummy vs Pharoah
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Default Assignment 3-Mummy vs Pharoah - 02-11-2013, 01:07 AM

I just completed assignment 3. I found *Assignment 3 exercises to be the most challenging part. *I'm in question if I got any of them right. *Especially, exercises *2.5-2.7 leave giant question marks in my head. I know I have to give myself more time to wrap my head around this.

Moving forward, I really learned a lot completing the project portion of assignment 3. Here are a few things I learned that hopefully can benefit someone else.

1. Work on one individual step at a time. If you are trying to make the pharaoh or mummy walk successfully, you must execute each single move until it looks fluid before moving on.

2. Making continuous mistakes or just experimenting helps you gain more understanding.

3. I'm soooooo * clip board is my best friend. *I love it makes the process more enjoyable.

4. Using resize made my Pharoah sink and I had to make a statement that countered the sinking problem.*

5. Keep it clean...when the code gets long it gets confusing. Do in order and Do together are my best friends.

6. Using the loop in order to make Pharaoh walk, repositioned his legs every he looked as if he were climbing up into the air.

My biggest questions from assignment 3.

How do I create a random number function?

When should you use variables?

How do you keep your objects firmly planted on the ground during animation? *You can put it on the ground at the beginning and it can totally lift off the ground during play.

So in my project Mummy vs Pharaoh. I made my Mummy and the Pharaoh walk toward each other. My Pharoah commands Mummy to stop. Mummy stops. Pharaoh raises his arms up mystically into the air and grows 3x his size. Comes forward in a threatening position. Mummy looks up at Pharaoh and falls backward. The end.

I would love to post my movie for opinions but not sure if Professor X wants us to.
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