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Assignment 2-My Lonely Alaskan Penguin
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Default Assignment 2-My Lonely Alaskan Penguin - 02-03-2013, 12:08 PM

I just completed Assignment 2. I chose to create PP1.1. I must say that I spent countless hours in this Alice environment. I learned a lot through trial and error. I spent so much time because I had no idea what I was really doing. I knew what I wanted my penguin to do but getting him to do it was quite the challenge.

I did add some other objects from the gallery.
  • arcticLandscapeAlaskanMountain
  • igloo
  • couch
  • 6-pineTree

I wanted my penguin to start his journey out by lounging on his couch in his igloo. Then he would stand up on the couch jump a few times before landing on the ground. Next, he would glide from his igloo to the edge of the lake. Stand up, jump, and turn. Jump forward onto the frozen lake. He would look to his left and right wondering "Hmmmmm...Where did everybody go?" While his head is still turned he is walking toward a hole which he doesn't see. He yells, "Oh!! No!!" He falls to his demise.

My first challenge was positioning additional objects where they would placed correctly on the ground. Things are not always as they appear. Depending on the cameras orientation of the object it could appear to be on the ground until you zoom in and get a closer look. I spent a lot of time zooming in, zooming out, going up, and down. I just wanted to make sure my penguin was executing his behaviors on the ground and not in the air.

I also experimented with the camera but had to disable it because it completely changed the direction my penguin was supposed to be traveling in. Why did my penguin completely move in a different direction? I don't know as we haven't covered cameras yet. For me, it would have seemed more realistic to pan the environment and then focus in on my penguin while moving away from him during his journey.

I had to create a "jump down" statement as this wasn't included.
I did successfully make this little guy jump to the ground. It was a matter of adjusting how far he jumped forward and then down.

I also wanted him to behave more naturally instead of just continuously flapping his wings as he walked around. I changed this by using the "set pose" method. I was able to raise his wings up and capture the picture to use later during my animation. I named it "wings up" and I used it to break up all that wing flapping.

My biggest challenges were understanding my penguins movements based on his orientation. Depending on which way I turned or positioned him down could mean up and forward could mean backwards. I must say this was somewhat confusing. Overall, timing, distance, and just trying to make everything work smoothly was time consuming.

Also, I noticed something strange. I added some statements and later disabled them. I decided to go back and delete them. After deleting them it caused my penguin to act strange so I clicked undo to add them back. And Voila!! The animation worked perfectly again. I have no idea why this happened.

I really learned a lot during this lesson. I hope to get better eventually at this thing called programming.

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