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Assignment 5
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Default Assignment 5 - 07-23-2018, 03:40 AM

It was pretty easy once I got onto it. You have to ask the user for a number value using the 'ask user for number' function in the world menu. Like it was mentioned in the text I nested an if/then statement inside of another if/then statement to create the method.

I made a variable to store the age the user gave me, set that to the ask user for a number function, and then went ahead and used equality functions to decide what my npc will say, based on the given answer.

One thing I would like to talk about is the camera object's pointOfView property located in the properties tab. I needed to have my camera automatically move to different positions and found this property to be just the thing. The variable holds the coordinates of the camera's position in the world and it's orientation (the direction it faces). I noticed that if I clicked on it it would save the coordinates in a drop down menu. By dragging the property over to the method editing area I got a method that set my camera to any of the available positions I stored.

Just move the camera where you want it to be and click on the property and I think it will cache the data. Then you can drag it over and create a method to automatically move your camera. I just made sure the coordinates in the method matched what was currently listed in the pointOfView property in the property tab. This way you don't need to use manual move and turn methods for scenes.

Ordinarily it proceeds at the default speed of one second, but I needed it to be an instant transition so I set it to zero. I used the factory building to make my night club, but I wanted the bouncer to be set in an interior scene. I had the opening shot be from across the street of the club. Then I set a point at the front door of the club. My goal was to have the camera move across the street to the front door of the club, then instantly transition to the interior shot hidden underneath the ground below the factory. It will seem like we're inside the building. I used the corridor object in the environments gallery. The bouncer is there, he asks me my age, and gives a response based on my answer.
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Default 07-24-2018, 11:36 AM

Thank you for telling me about the camera. I think I have been very basic with the assignments. I am more focused on the task at hand then to play around with a camera. After reading your stuff, I revisited some of the old worlds and worked with camera views and angles.
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