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Default 04-15-2010, 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
Really King Gamer(gorit)? Thats low. You were just talking about CHEATING on swagbucks, and now you are going to tell on me or saying a code that is already expired? I really think they would punish someone more greatly for cheating than they would for telling a code. A code would be maybe a week suspension, but cheating might be for life.

And besides, theres no real proof now that you can get that I actually wrote that. I mean, you could have quoted what I wrote and then added that bottom part to frame me. You have no proof. My edited last on that post could have just been because I made a typo and fixed it just now.
Wrong, i know how to find proof. Im backing up King Gamer on this, there is a button that says "origional message". it will tell you the first origional message taht was typed

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