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Halo: First Contact(Development Log)
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Default Halo: First Contact(Development Log) - 07-19-2011, 03:46 PM

Quick Note: My previous zombie FPS has been cancelled. In the end Halo dominates all FPS games

Quick Note 2: I havn't acually played Halo though I'd like to get a 360+Reach someday. Well, I havn't played it's campaign. I failed at Halo 3 multiplayer a while back but that was... a while back and I'm way better at FPS games now. My point is that I don't know whether or not Bungie ever told the story on how the Halo Spartans/Elites war started in the first place.


Halo First Contact tells the tale of mankind as they move out of their galexy and into another one. Turning marines into super soldiers called 'Spartans', in case of any hostile extra terrestrial activity. (aka The Covenant) The game will contain 2 modes: Campaign, and Firefight. Featured guns include:

Assualt Rifle
Fuel Rod
Sniper Rifle (No Scope Planned yet, merely a fire range)
Energy Sword
*opens up alice to check for any weapons I missed*
Spartan Laser
and Rocket Launcher

W,S,A,D is to move and the Left/Right arrow keys will be to turn your camera. I would have implemented mouse look scripts but I feel that it doesn't work as well as it should, since you can't turn anymore once the mouse hits the edge of the screen. Space will be to shoot and up arrow will be to swap weapons. Down arrow will be to pickup weapons/interact with game objects.

The game features ammo and health with it's own HUD as well.

Firefight, for those who don't know, is a survival mode that features infinately spawning enemies that get increasingly more difficult. Just like in reach, this mode will feature the same concepts.

I will post updates here, from little to big so keep checking for updates!
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