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object people
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Default object people - 06-26-2006, 01:02 PM

How can I get the student arm to start with his arms down to his side.

Thank you
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Default Posing - 06-26-2006, 05:30 PM

You can move object parts through code.

Click on the plus sign by the student object in the object tree to expand the object into its sub-parts. Click on the plus sign beside upperBody to see the arms.

Right click on the right arm sub-part, then select methods. When the method dialog box pops up choose roll, direction - right, amount - 1/4 revolution. Do the same for the left arm but roll left.

(Instead of right-clicking for the dialog menu, you could drop the arm tiles into a method, say the world.My First method, to have them move into place at runtime.)

You can visually set an object's pose.

You can also visually set an object's pose just like you would place objects in a scene and manipulate their orientation.

Again, expand the Student object in the Object Tree into its sub-parts. Click on the plus sign beside Student, then again by upperBody to see the arms.

Click on the add objects button to go to the scene editor. In the editor, the buttons in the upper right hand portion of the screen, check the box labeled affect subparts. You can now manipulate the objects parts individually. Move parts to where you want them.

Set a pose

You can use any combination of code or scene editor manipulation to get the object where you want, and then save the pose for later use by going to the objects properties and clicking set pose. Then you can move an object to a specific position quickly through code using the set pose method.

Check out the He/She builders in the Object Gallery under People. Drop the ShowAllAnimations tile, under the objects methods, into " first method" to see it go through it's paces. If you look at the Properties tab while clicked on either the upper or lower body subparts you can see the tiles for all of the poses that have been created for the object.

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