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Two Problems, Please Help
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Default Two Problems, Please Help - 02-21-2011, 08:22 PM

I'm making an fps on Alice for a future job portfolio, however, although I set the directional pads to control movement, the forward key makes the camera (and in turn character) move to the right.

On the same project I am trying two seperate ways of animating damage, one idea was a health bar that when you clicked on the enemy one of the cubes above the enemy's head would turn red the other was that a certain amount of clicks would kill the enemy. Unfortunately neither of these techniques even seemed to register in the program.

Can anybody help me with this?
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Mr Kidnapper
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Default 02-21-2011, 10:01 PM

For the Health Bar. Create a series of boxes one next to the other. Place them above a Terrorist's head manually, because you can't automate this.
Set the vehicle of each box (In the properties tab) to the Terrorist's head. There is a way to get the boxes to line up properly while facing the camera, but I don't quite have the time.

Hypothetically, 0 can be any number.
When the mouse is clicked on Terrorist #0 Do Increment Number List 'Clicks' Item 0: by 1.
When Number List 'Clicks' changes do Method 'Health Bar'
Method Health Bar -
If Number List 'Clicks' item 0: == 1 is True
Then - Set Box 5 Color to Red
Else - Do Nothing
..And so on and so forth for each box counting backwards until Box 1
If Number List 'Clicks' item 0: == 5 is True
Then - Set Box 1 Color to Red
Terrorist #0: (Unimaginable series of methods that animate the death of said terrorist)
Else - Do Nothing
There is actually a LOT more efficient method of doing this.. But I'd have to spend time on it... and I'd have to upload a world to simplify it... And I just don't want to.

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