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Collision detection engine
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Default Collision detection engine - 02-26-2010, 10:45 PM

Welcome to the collision engine! Please feel free to use this in your games, as long as you give me credit!

Required Sections:
  • Collision method, and event calling it.
  • World variables.
  • All objects referenced to by the objects list.
  • A cylinder named "cylinder".
Known Bugs:
  • Main cylinder hovers. Fixed as of 1.1.
  • Cylinder might re-size erratically. Can be fixed by putting cylinders closer together.
  • Main cylinder appears to vibrate while against a wall. This is the location being corrected. It can be reduced by putting cylinders closer together.
  • Add support for different types of obstacles. (i.e. squares, spheres, etc.)
  • Less memory intensive methods. This is to leave more memory with other methods.
  • Get a balanced time and distance for collision data setting. This will help to reduce vibration on the main cylinder, while hopefully not running the method too much. It is memory intensive to check every object!
  • The objects that you collide with can be invisible! Use Other objects for visuals, and leave the work to the cylinders!
  • The program fixes collision data every quarter second. Setting the world variable "break" will override this, and cause the data to be refreshed immediately. This is good for when you change scenes.
Current Version:
Collision detection 1.3.a2w

Current Engine(No other stuff):
Collision Engine 1.4.a2w

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