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Assignment 3
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Default Assignment 3 - 07-16-2018, 06:30 PM

Once I sat down and really looked at it I didn't have too much trouble doing what I wanted to do. Moving the body parts by hand was a little too tricky for me so I just used methods to automatically adjust the mummy's legs and chest to where I wanted them to be. I think it was the move method. You can use those while you're placing objects to get your poses. Just right click on the object in the object menu on the left I think it was. I set three poses for the zombie standing, stepping on his right foot, and then stepping on his left for my step method. For my pharaoh I just had him raise his arm, play a gong sound for effect, and put it down. I set a pose for my mummy with him in mid air, and used the move method make him fly backward off screen to create my fall method. He walked towards my pharaoh, my pharaoh lifts his hand, gong sound, mummy flies backwards off screen. It was fun. I made heavy use of the do together statements. I kinda wanted to look for like a simple particle effect to place on the pharaoh's hand. That woulda been fun. Just a sparkles or something.
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