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Passing parameters between Alice application and C# application
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Default Passing parameters between Alice application and C# application - 07-30-2011, 10:37 AM

Hi all!

I am a BSc. IT (Hons) student and am doing my research project in the field of AI, more specifically, affective computing, which basically deals with emotions within computers, either detecting them, displaying them or both. I am focusing on designing a computer program to detect emotion.

The way that my program will work is as follows:

A child (student) will participate in a variety of different activities. The computer will monitor their affective state (mood) while they are participating and if the student is, for instance, getting frustrated because the activity is too hard, the computer will change the activity.

The affective computing aspect of my project has been coded in C#. I was planning on launching the activities as executables from C#.

I was planning on creating the various activities using Alice, but I have decided that Id like the emotion detected by my affective computing program to be able to have an effect on the activity instead of having a more static activity running that is changed in its entirety to another activity.

The activity will need to be able to accept information from my program that monitors the affective state and act on it accordingly. I would also like to record some info from the activity itself, so it would need to be able to return data at specified intervals to the affective computing program.

I was wondering if Alice has the capability to accept input from another application and also return info?

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