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Online Independent Film Festival?
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Lightbulb Online Independent Film Festival? - 10-11-2010, 06:38 PM

Hey guys. Now, before I go any further this is only a suggestion, rather than an already full-blown thing. I have taken a look at the Alice Film Festival, and was rather disappointed. It had more than a few aspects in it that posed as a disadvantage or annoyance:

-It's only in Alabama. Not online, and you have to actually drive to the site.

-Only elementary through high school, leaving out the main group that really submits the most skillful work.

-The prizes really suck. Not much variety, and cash prizes are more wanted now-a-day.

So, because of those three major disappointments, I propose that Alice does its own film festival, allowing it to be either online or more global, with better prizes (encouraging more entries) and more age groups.

Please post what you think, and if you think this is in the wrong forum category, please move it (suggestions?).

Us geek animators need something like this, and it wouldn't be hard with a few sponsors and donations.
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