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How do I play multiple sounds in a row?
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Default How do I play multiple sounds in a row? - 05-09-2010, 09:10 AM

I am making an alice first person shooter and I have a rapid fire weapon. But when I make it play a sound it waits for the sound to finish before it can fire again. Is there any way to play sounds in rapid succesion on multiple clicks like in real fps's?

(I know that the change duration is broken, but how do I use the begining and ending sound functions?)
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Default 05-09-2010, 01:16 PM

Here's what I do:

Insert seven number variables, six called shot1, shot2, and so on, and the seventh called index. Then, have your gun use index to increment one of the variables (if index = 1, increment shot1 and increment index, else if index = 2....else increment shot6, index set value to 1) Put this in the firing method of the gun so it's done each time the gun is shot. Then, insert six "When a variable changes" events that correspond to each of the variables. Finally, have a different object play the firing sound in each event.

Now, six variables is just what I used for my sound effect, but yours may be longer, so you may need more variables and events. The idea is to have a chain of variables long enough so that by the time it gets to the last one, the sound effect from the first shot is already done playing and the chain can start over.

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