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How do I make a start menu in Alice?
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Default How do I make a start menu in Alice? - 02-15-2009, 09:20 PM

How do I make a start menu in Alice? Please give me clear steps. Thanx.
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How to make a start menu
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Wink How to make a start menu - 02-22-2009, 10:41 AM

There are many approaches that you can take to making any kind of menu in Alice. It largely depends on the game or movie that you are making, and your own preferences, as to which approach you choose.
The way I usually make menus:

1) Select a secluded spot in your world.

2) Orient your camera to the way you want it to face, and then, under the add objects/more controls tab, select 'drop dummy at camera'. Rename the dummy to your liking, e.g. Menu_Camera_Position.

3) Then add the objects, e.g. buttons, that you want in your menu. You could use squares with your own imported textures, or simply use 3D text as a button.

4) Now we have to create some variables. Make a boolean variable for the entire menu, e.g. MenuOn. Then make one for each sub-menu, e.g. MenuFrontOn, MenuHelpOn.

5) In your code, whenever you want to turn the menu on, set the MenuOn variable to true. You could choose an action to trigger it, or something else.

6) Add a While() function, saying while(MenuOn=true). If the menu is only used in the beggining, you can have it after whenever you turn the MenuOn variable to true. Else, you can have the function loop to continually check if the menu is on.

7) Then set all the menu elements to be shown inside the While function, along with the command for the camera to set its point of view to the Menu_camera_position dummy we made earlier. (If you would like to make sub-menus, check out the attached example. It is rather complicated to explain it with words.)

8) Under the Events tab, create (preferably) mouse-triggered events. E.g. If you click on the PLAY button, the variable for MenuOn is set to false. Once it is false, the While function expires, and the world continues to the next command.

Hope this helps! Be sure to check out the attached example world. Alice is very visual, and it is hard to express yourself in words :]
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