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Default 07-24-2009, 05:38 PM

-The patterns are supposed to be random

-I'm not sure why some of the enemy bullet collisions don't register

-The unaviodable shots are supposed to be a small part of the game, they can only be blocked by putting up your shield (which I have yet to program)

-The pattern I think you're talking about is supposed to either be destroyed before they get too close, or collide with you and cause the pattern to be restarted (another feature I haven't put in yet, remember this is only the test version).

-If you have trouble with a certain pattern, there is a sort of 'level skip' in the form of a smart bomb which I've already programmed in. Press Enter to activate it (at the moment, they can be used infinitely many times, so that I could test to see if all of the formations worked)


-I haven't been able to solve the error message generator yet. That is the problem I'd like to fix first, so if you or anyone else finds out exactly what the cause of the error is (or, better yet, how to fix it while keeping the rest of the game intact), please let me know.

EDIT: I fixed part of the bullet collision error by moving the space invader's ships directly above the fighter and the bullets. However,t here is still something wrong, which I'll have to work on. I also found out that the error isn't generated by controls overlapping, but by something in the firing/bullet collision detection methods, since the error can be triggered by simply firing at the enemies which pass over the fighters.


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